Curriculum Provision At Tregonwell Academy we strive to provide a broad range of education and support across our three Campuses. Our curriculums are designed to meet the needs of all of our pupils, as well as challenge and support them in their learning activities.

Petersfield Curriculum Provision

We hope you will glean from the different information provided, how much we value all achievement. We are very proud of what our pupils achieve and always welcome anybody who would like to visit us at Petersfield Campus.

Petersfield has an exciting curriculum with opportunities for all to excel. We constantly review our choices available on the curriculum, we listen to the young people and always seek to meet every individuals needs. Pupils arrive at Petersfield Campus with varying needs, some with learning difficulties, some with severe emotional difficulties. Whatever the need, the staff get together as a team and work tirelessly to provide outstanding care and outstanding teaching and learning.

Mrs Nicki Morton, Director of Special Education

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Nigel Bowes Curriculum Provision

The Nigel Bowes Campus is a specialist provision working to support children aged 5-12 years with complex, challenging behaviour driven by a range of emotional and social difficulties.

We aim to provide a stimulating educating experience which motivates pupils to engage in the learning process enabling them to make the best possible progress.

We offer the following provision on our campus:

  • Turnaround and Purchase Place Provision for mainstream pupils – full time and part time places available
  • Primary BESD
  • Primary ASD
  • Y7 BESD

The children are taught in small groups with a high staff to pupil ratio.

There is a high emphasis on the development of emotional well-being and social skills enabling pupils to form good working relationships with staff and pupils.

Individualised, personalised learning programmes are available to all children meeting specific individual needs fully promoting self esteem and efficacy.

Specialist teaching and pastoral staff work with the pupils to improve their behaviour through a wide range of intervention techniques.

Curriculum Offer:
The Nigel Bowes Campus offers an engaging, broad and balanced curriculum. We address the under-lying issues that are the barriers to learning, enabling pupils to develop core skills, knowledge and understanding which support the pupils to achieve outstanding rates of progress and age-related levels of attainment as appropriate.

Particular focus is given to the development of key literacy and numeracy skills, improved levels of attention and concentration, social skill development, emotional health and well being and self regulation with regards to behaviour causing concern.

We offer additional individual tuition in all areas to support the needs of pupils working on our site.

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Troop Learning Centre Curriculum Provision

The students will have a timetable for either a morning or afternoon session. The hours/sessions, the students have, is dependent upon their reason for receiving their education at TLC (usually between 5 and 15 hours per week). The group sizes vary between 6 and 12.

KS3 Curriculum:
Years 7, 8 and 9 are taught in one group. They will receive their core subjects (English, Maths and Science) along with a selection of enrichment activities (Art, IT, Music, Humanities and Cooking) during their sessions.

KS4 Curriculum:
Years 10 and 11 are taught in one group. They will receive their core subjects (English, Maths IT and Science) along with a selection of enrichment activities (Art, Music, PSHE and Cooking) during their sessions.

If a student is only attending the centre for a short period of time, their mainstream school may wish to provide them with the work they would be doing if they were at school so that they can keep up to date with it.

For some students, it will not be possible for them to attend the centre and they will receive their education on a one to one basis at home until they can either get into the centre or return to their mainstream school. This is usually due to medical reasons such as operations. If a student is at TLC during their exam period, they will be able to sit their exams at the centre or be able to return to their mainstream school if it’s appropriate for them to do so.

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