Tregonwell Academy considers consistent, regular and punctual attendance as essential in enabling pupils to achieve their maximum academic and social potential.

If a pupil is too unwell to attend school then parents/carers must notify the Academy on the first day of absence before 09:00. Please give sufficient detail in order that the exact “type” of absence can be recorded in the school register eg. “illness” or “hospital appointment”.

Tregonwell Academy operates weekly attendance meetings involving the Principals, Education Social Worker and Attendance Support Officer. These meetings monitor the attendance of all pupils and enable early identification and intervention where there are presenting attendance issues. Where attendance concerns are raised parents/carers will expect the following process.

  1. Telephone call/letter home to raise concerns.
  2. School meeting involving phase leader, Education Social Worker/Attendance Support Officer.
  3. Formal planning meeting to draw up a parenting contract.

Tregonwell Academy works closely with pupils and their parents/carers to improve attendance levels. However, should a pupils attendance fail to improve the Academy may use the following legal powers available to enforce school attendance.

Local authorities have the power to prosecute parents who fail to ensure their child’s regular attendance at a school (section 444 of the Education Act 1996).

Education Supervision Orders
The order is placed on the child and the local authority is appointed by the court to supervise that child’s education either at a school or at home for a specified period of time.

Penalty Notices
Penalty notices are fines of £60/£120 imposed on parents. They are an alternative to the prosecution of parents for failing to ensure that their child of compulsory school age regularly attends school. Penalty notices can be issued to each parent liable for the attendance offence or offences.

In light of recent legislation, Tregonwell Academy as a rule is unable to support family holidays in school time. In exceptional circumstances the Academy may be able to grant permission.


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