Academy Uniform


Dress Code

• Plain black/dark grey pair of trousers or a skirt no longer or shorter than 2-3 inches from the knee. No jeans, leggings or shorts. No logos or patterns.
• A plain white school/polo shirt that covers the waist line. No logos or patterns. No strappy, short or low tops.
• Black shoes/boots (all heels to be low). No trainers, canvas shoes, flip flops or open toed sandals.
• A plain navy sweater/cardigan. No hoodies. No logos or patterns.

All students will be expected to bring in a change of clothes for the days they have a sports session.

Jackets and hats are to be taken off when in the centre.

Jewellery and make up are only permitted providing it is kept to a minimum. No extreme hair colours or styles.

In the interest of safety no facial or tongue piercings are permitted. Small studs are permitted for the ears. If a student has a particular concern they will need to speak to the Centre Manager.


Thought of the week

George Bernard Shaw What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.