Supporting Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


Pupils at the Nigel Bowes Campus have a complex range needs and our school day along with the support we offer aims to meet the needs of all young people at our school.

Pupils at NBC will predominantly present with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties. A significant number of our pupils are on the Autism spectrum and many of our pupils have additional complex developmental and learning needs.

The support we provide enables our pupils to achieve their very best through celebrating success, developing self-confidence, resilience and mutual encouragement of peers by dispelling any anxieties and concerns. Within class pupils’ care and welfare is the responsibility of their teachers and teaching assistants. The work of the teachers is co-ordinated by Senior Leaders who work alongside our Learning Support Team to provide a nurturing and safe environment for all our pupils. Parental support is a key part of success for our pupils.

Our school day provides opportunities for pupils to express themselves and encourages them to share their emotions in a positive way. Our smaller class sizes allow for a more individual and personalised approach. All pupils have access to specialist facilities/equipment and staff coordinate their use based on the needs of individual pupils.

Our lessons aim to develop learning attributes, wellbeing, promote self-reflection and support pupils to gain the skills they need to succeed in life.