NBC Ethos and Values


At Tregonwell Academy we have high expectations. We challenge both pupils and staff in order to achieve the highest standards. We know our pupils can find learning difficult, so we provide a high level of support to ensure everyone is successful.

Our pupils face many different challenges and we look to help them develop resilience towards these. Our nurturing approach focuses on the complete wellbeing of pupils to help them feel and be safe. Through this vision, we aim for our pupils to respect their own rights and the rights of others to give them the opportunity to succeed in life.


In 2017 pupils, staff and key stakeholders at the Nigel Bowes Campus collaborated to define the essential traits needed for pupils to be successful at our school and on their journey through life. These areas were defined as; Resilient, Safe and Respectful (RSR).

RSR can be seen in all aspects of school life, from our celebration assemblies, expectations for attitude to learning, and behaviour through to our rewards system. The promotion of RSR is the responsibility of the whole school community; pupils, parents, staff and governors.


RSR Poster