Requests for pupil places at the Nigel Bowes Campus are typically made by a Local Authority or school. Unfortunately we are not able to accept direct requests from parents/carers however we do encourage parents/carers to contact us for more information about our school.

The NBC Pupil Placement Panel meets every 2 weeks (during term time) to review requests for placements. Decisions are made based on the child’s age, personal and educational needs alongside school capacity. A visit to the young person’s current educational setting may also be requested. NBC is an oversubscribed school so we operate a waiting list for consideration and/or placement, should this be desired.

When a place becomes available parents/carers are invited to meet with a senior member of staff for a tour of the school and to ask any questions they may have so that an informed choice can be made. If all parties agree that the placement is suitable there will be an opportunity to meet with the class teacher and other key adults, finalise the admissions process and agree a start date.

All admissions enquiries should be sent to [email protected]




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